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What We Need

Your US and individual state income taxes can be prepared through our offices near Lake Chapala and Guadalajara no matter where you live!  Location is not an issue! We have clients throughout Mexico, as well as other international destinations like South Africa, India, UK, China, and the United States.

What We Need From You:

A copy of last year's return. This should contain your personal information such as names, Social Security numbers, address, etc. We will also need the date of birth for everyone listed on the return (yourself, spouse, dependents, etc), and phone numbers and email. If anything from the prior return has changed, such as your address, please let us know what address you want to use. If you are using a forwarding address in the US, some states (such as Texas, from Mail Boxes or Handy Mail) are much easier than others. If you are permanently living in Mexico, you don’t need to be paying state income taxes to your former state! If you have a forwarding address to a friend in California, for example, this can cause problems in the state wanting you to pay taxes there. We can discuss these issues. If you just moved to Mexico this year, please give us the date of your move.

All “official” paperwork received by you, such as W-2s, 1099s, from banks, pensions, IRA withdrawals, employers, etc. We don’t have to have the actual originals, but we do need a copy or fax of the originals. We would also prefer to have the official statement (has pink colored paper on it) from Social Security, but not everyone receives this. If you don’t have it, we can get this number from bank statements or what you received last year. This is the only exception to seeing the originals.

All brokerage statements, NOT the 12/31 statement, but the one labeled “Important Tax Information” which will contain your official 1099s. If you have sales of investments (shown on a 1099-B), there will be a number for “Gross Proceeds from Sales”. We also need a statement showing the gains and losses for investments. Some brokers include this with this statement; others do not and you have to ask them for it separately.

A copy of a US check (write VOID over it) so we can get routing and account numbers for direct deposit of a refund. It is NOT advisable to have a refund check mailed to you in Mexico. If you need to pay estimated taxes, we must set it up electronically at the time of your return preparation, or you will later have to go online yourself to make electronic payments.

If you have a rental property, we will need the information from the prior year as to address, etc. Please make sure you have a depreciation schedule for an ongoing property. If not, ask your previous accountant to provide one. If we are setting up a rental for the first time, we will talk for more details.

Deductions: Many people overseas use the Standard Deduction because they are no longer paying mortgage interest, real estate or state income taxes, and do not meet the level for itemizing deductions. However, if you do have enough deductions to itemize, we will need the 1098 form for mortgage interest and taxes, and a list of other deductions, such as medical expenses, charity, etc.

Specialized Information Needed for Expats:

 Foreign Bank Account Reports:  This information return is due if you have - in the aggregation, not per account - $10,000 US in foreign accounts at any time during the calendar year.  To prepare this form for you, we need:

  -- A copy of the account statement for each account you own - whether singly, with anyone else, or any account you have signatory power over, such as a charity, homeowners' association or corporation.        

Please provide us the month in which you held the highest balance in each account, even if it was the highest for only a short period of time. 

  -- The year-end report ( "Constancia" in Mexico) from each institution showing your yearly earnings and foreign taxes paid

 Foreign Partnerships or Foreign Corporations.  Please provide us with:

  --  Your Mexican or other government tax return for this entity.  This should include a year-end balance sheet and profit-loss statement.  (We understand it may be in Spanish or another language, and in a different currency). 

  --  Our Form 5471/8865 Questionnaire (download) if this is the first year working with us, and/or your prior year copy of this form.

Complete service included with your tax preparation

Planning for future years for correct withholding or estimates, to avoid penalties to the IRS.

Phone consultations for simple questions answered free outside of busy season.

Examination of your current portfolio to look for ways to lower your tax bill.


This is our American fax number (e-fax) which we make available for free to all of our clients, so you don’t have to wait to receive statements in the mail. No prior permission or cover sheet necessary. This is much easier for everyone!

There is also available an Adobe file with an official “organizer”. Some of you may have used this with other preparers. To us it feels like a lot of paperwork to fill out, but if you prefer to work in this fashion, we are more than happy to send you the file.

This is basic personal information we will need from everyone, but obviously each situation is different. For new clients, we need a simple interview, either by phone or in person, to take basic personal information and to assess the work you need. If you are in the Lake Chapala area, please call for an appointment (roughly one-half hour) at (376) 765-5273.

From a US or Canadian area code, call U.S. number 720-226-0561

No appointment necessary for former or current clients!

If you are a former client and nothing has changed, feel free to just drop your information off during normal hours, or mail or fax to us directly. If you are a current client (or even former, such as from a few years ago), the important thing for us is to confirm that your prior information is still the same: address, email, bank deposit information, phone, same number of dependents, etc.

If you prefer, you can also send documents directly to us through Estafeta (Mexican overnight mail service – much cheaper than Fed-ex within Mexico), and we can return a paper copy plus your paperwork to you in that same fashion. Estimated cost is 400 pesos per mailing.

Payment can be received in dollars through PayPal (US debit, credit or personal PayPal account), by US check, by cash pesos if you live in the Lake Chapala area, or transfer to a Banorte account from elsewhere in Mexico. All fees are shown in US Dollars, but will be converted to pesos if you are paying in cash or to Banorte. Conversion rates are through as of the day the work is finished on your return.

A deposit is required to begin work on your current year return for new clients, and will be credited to your final price. For Lakeside residents, the deposit will be 1000 pesos, received in cash in person. For website clients or anyone wishing to pay by credit card or in dollars, the deposit will be $100. You will receive an email with a link to PayPal requesting a deposit payment after our initial phone call. All your financial information is completely secure, and you do not have to have your own PayPal account. PayPal fees of 3% are added to the invoice for processing.

You will be invoiced for your final bill, with all schedules shown per the fee schedule, before the return is e-filed and/or copies and original documents returned.

Return to us signed efile authorization forms as required and signed client disclaimer.



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