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Standard Services Offered

Federal Income Taxes
State Income Taxes
Current & All Past Years

Now Have Your U.S. Income Taxes Prepared in Mexico

Standard Services Offered

Foreign Earned Income Exclusions

Foreign Tax Credits

Information Returns For U.S. Persons With Foreign Corporations (Forms 5471, 8865, 926)

Foreign Bank & Financial Accounts Reports (FBAR 8938)

Non-Resident Returns For Foreigners With U.S. Income (1040 NR)

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Location is not an issue!

Your US and individual state income taxes can be prepared through our offices near Lake Chapala and Guadalajara no matter where you live! We have clients throughout Mexico.

About Us

Our business provides high quality US tax preparation and advice to US Expatriates and Non Resident Aliens living in Mexico both in person and remotely.

Our target market is United States expatriates living in Mexico and Mexican citizens (US non resident aliens) that have US tax compliance needs.

Scott Graville Enrolled Agent

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Specialized Information Needed for Expats

1) Foreign Bank Account Reports
2) Foreign Partnerships or Foreign Corporations

What We Need From You

1) A copy of last year’s return
2) All “official” paperwork received
3) All brokerage statements
4) A copy of a US check
5) If you have a rental property,information from the prior year
6) Deductions